B-GROWTH Beard Growth Oil

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  • 100% Natural
  • Simulates New Beard Growth
  • Softens Beard
  • Increases manageability
  • Nourishes Beard
  • Deeply Conditions Beard
  • Keeps your beard healthy


B-GHROWTH Beard Growth Oil
100% Natural Organic Mens Beard Growth Oil-For The Men Who Love Beard

b-growth beard growth oil

☑B-GROWTH Beard Regrowth Oil makes it easy to manage your beard by making them softer, thicker and longer. Contains Argan Oil and Rosemary Oil which are necessary for a healthier beard which grows faster.
☑B-GROWTH Beard Growth Oil helps nourish and strengthen your beard hairs and skin while increasing blood circulation to the area so that it can help make the beard denser and promote faster hair growth.


B-GROWTH Beard Regrowth Oil is a 100% Natural Beard Growth Oil that has been specially designed by experts using only the purest and most natural essential oils to help boost beard growth. This Beard Growth Oil contains ingredients like Rosemary Oil,Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and many more to help nourish and strengthen the roots of the hair in your beard and promote denser and faster growth. Not only does it help with faster growth, it also helps tame your beard frizz and manager your beard.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is excellent for beards.It’s not greasy just like other oils and due to lauric acid, it’s able to penetrate your skin more effectively. The conditioning properties of coconut oil make the roots of your facial hair healthier and softer.Coconut oil also stimulates hair growth.It can also be used to soften the skin on your face. When the skin on your face is healthy, moisturized, and free of obstruction — like flaking, clogged pores, or dead skin — your beard grows in evenly and is less prone to razor bumps.


Rosemary Oil:

Rosemary oil is an essential oil that stimulates beard growth. It is 100% natural and you can use it directly on the beard, or combine it with other beard oils. Rosemary is a herb. It is considered very effective for the faster growth of facial hair.​Rosemary oil is a great product for boosting the growth and overall health of your beard and is also beneficial for the skin underneath it. It is really considered as a multipurpose oil which can work like a miracle.



Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba makes the perfect beard oil on it’s own or when mixed with other oils and essential oils. Jojoba has many properties that make it valuable as a conditioner for the beard. It conditions and softens both the facial skin and the facial hair. Jojoba is also non-comedogenic and non-allergenic so it will not block pores and shouldn’t cause skin irritation. Jojoba is also reputed to strengthen the hair shaft and clean the hair follicle, which is important if you’re trying to maintain a long beard.


Argan Oil:

One of the best oil for beard is Argan oil for fuller,healthier look.Argan oil is packed with Vitamin E which is extremely beneficial for hair. Vitamin E contains antioxidants that boost cell growth and produce healthy hair. The benefits of using argan oil can be seen immediately! It’s the argan oil that tames frizz and gives your beard a softer, shinier appearance when you slap on some of our classic beard oil.


b-growth beard growth

Soaks in quickly to treat dry, coarse, and unruly beard hair.
Non-greasy and fast absorbing, brings unique shine throughout the day
Keep your beard looking healthy, prevent and repair dry or damaged skin

☑Take a few drops in your fingers and apply it in your beard and cheeks.
☑Gently massage it through your beard using your fingers or a hairbrush.
☑For best results, apply before going to bed overnight for a softer beard.

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5 reviews for B-GROWTH Beard Growth Oil

  1. Deepesh Mahajan

    A nice and quality product.Go for it have you know the magic of patience..

  2. Kevin

    I’m really impressed by this beard growth oil and really happy that it has improved my facial hair. It is the best product, I’ ve started using it and I’m judging improvement in my beard…..It helps in filling patches on my facial hair and grow my beard

  3. Shashank Guru

    My brother liked beard growth oil of namastey ayurveda ,he is getting progress day by day on his beard,in his which part of chics,he’z not having beard now day by day his beard his growing,nice product thank u.

  4. Adil

    Nice packaging and product delivered yesterday. Smell is good and not so strong. Need to use this everyday atleast two times a day and it may take approximately two to three months to see the changes in beard if it’s really working. Because Good things take time. Will edit and update the review after a month how it works.

  5. Raj Tandan

    First time using this product.ordered the product.quality is great.

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